Puttin the raid on his back

Clearly we’re not exactly on a rapid pace here, but having moved down to a pretty casual schedule, we’re pretty happy to report that heroic Spine of Deathwing is down (on our last attempt of the night before saying “fuck it” and just clearing).

However, that doesn’t mean the fight isn’t dumb. The idea of a PvE fight where burst DPS is what matters is pretty stupid when they have specifically gone out of their way to tone down burst damage because of PvP (except of course for arcane mages).

Our legendary-carrying arcane mage did more than 22% of the total damage done to tendons…the closest to him was the sub rogue doing 18.5%…not even a contest.

Thankfully the nerf meant that we didn’t have to wait for good RNG to get a kill, instead we just had to figure out how to manage bloods at the end. Yay nerfs!

This time I actually KNOW that the fight was FRAPS’d, so if Cheel is feelin a bit spunky he may have it up before I forget that we have a website again.

EDIT: And so it shall be:

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