Panda Patch Provides Pounds of Pleasurable Playtime

It’s Panda time! Yay! Except Pandas as a species are kinda weird and sex averse, and China has some extreme Scientology-level hang-ups about their representation in mass media, and I donno nobody really seems to care about this vaguely-racist mess of embattled ursine orientalist caricatures. Plus, everything’s essentially in a holding pattern until raids begin next week, and even next week will be a little shaky because Soul’s still leveling his monk (he’s at 86 now, which I think we’re all a little impressed by). So in the meantime we’re all just kinda floating along until our roster and schedules start to congeal a bit.

In roster news we lost a few people, but we’ve got some old familiar faces coming back, so we’ll call it a wash. Syclic and Rainbowstar both went their separate ways, but these losses are mitigated by the much-anticipated returns of our rock-steady prot pally Sairus and our old Firelands DPS All-Star hunter, Rambowned. A good trade, all told. Unfortunately we’re also saying goodbye to Cleotaurus. He still hangs around from time to time, but his personal life has been claimed by law school. We’ll miss you, Cleo! Drop out soon and come back to raid with us, ok?

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