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….and We’re Back for Draenor!

With the release of the new expansion, Dominion XTREME is back in full force! We’re currently 4/7 in Highmaul and we’re in need of consistent raiders to fill our ranks. Check out our Recruitment on the left and message any … Continue reading

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Panda Patch Provides Pounds of Pleasurable Playtime

It’s Panda time! Yay! Except Pandas as a species are kinda weird and sex averse, and China has some extreme Scientology-level hang-ups about their representation in mass media, and I donno nobody really seems to care about this vaguely-racist mess … Continue reading

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Puttin the raid on his back

Clearly we’re not exactly on a rapid pace here, but having moved down to a pretty casual schedule, we’re pretty happy to report that heroic Spine of Deathwing is down (on our last attempt of the night before saying “fuck … Continue reading

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