Heroic Zon’ozz Dead

Excitingly (no really, totally exciting) Zon’ozz is down on heroic. I don’t have the screenshot, but perhaps someone will edit this post and add one (subtle hint?!). We had a few raid comp issues to resolve before cleaning this one up, but once that was resolved he went down in fairly short order.

Once again, I think we have a video; but I know there were some technical issues with the last one, so I’m not sure on an ETA on either of them.

We took a peek at Hagara and she seems significantly easier than the two faceless bosses, so we expect to have an update on that soon as well.

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Heroic Morchok and Yor’sahj Down

Been a while, eh? Not much to talk about, of course, so now a week and change into Dragon Soul we’re back to talking about progression kills:

Morchok was a joke of a fight, easier than either of the Deathwing fights on normal…almost disappointingly so.

Then we thought we’d go to Yor’sahj and see how he was. He turned out to be much more of a satisfying fight. After spending some time figuring out how the globules actually worked, how they interacted and what was easier for us to handle (spreadsheets may or may not have been involved) we came up with a pretty clean kill. But no screenshot. Our resident screenshooter (screenshooter? screenshotist? shotographer? whatever) wasn’t there, so there’s no spiffy visual for you to see. I do believe it was Fraps’d however so a video may be coming soon to youtubes near you.

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Rag down, Video up!

Love that the kill attempt was a boot flask attempt for once! Great Job to Cheelout for putting this together.

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