We are a very close-knit group of real-life friends and long-time online friends. Our guild is very similar to the Fellowship of the Ring–a group of 9 unique characters together on a journey. You can visit us on WoWArmory here.



Sairus Sairus is our stalwart Prot Pally. Between teaching children, collecting every pet in the game, and tanking Dominion XTREME raids, she has a clearly-demonstrated willingness to lead and take responsibility for people who lack the capacity for higher reasoning. She’s also a nationally-recognized pokemon scholar, and frequently takes time out of her day to teach elementary school children how to destroy each other with Pokemon cards. Items of Note: Chef’s Hat Favorite Thing: Pokemon
Milkmane Milkmane the Feral Druid came in one day to DPS for us on an early Firelands progression raid. After passing up his then-guildmates in Mediocrity with a heroic Rhyolith kill, he realized that Dominion XTREME was where he truly belonged. He once proved his devotion to the cause by saving his wife’s life with emergency CPR while simultaneously tanking Heroic Ragnaros. We’re not sure how he managed to do it, but we’re glad he did because otherwise probably jail. Items of Note: Who knows? He’s a bear.



Backspin Backspin. Is he a ret pally that reluctantly heals? Or is he a healer that wishes he could go ret? A man of mystery, but also our fearless leader. After finally defeating heroic Ragnaros, in a token of respect for his leadership role, the entire guild unanimously voted to gift the first mount drop to Backspin. However, we followed that up by making him continue to heal and lead through all of Dragon Soul. Kind of a dick move on our part, I guess. Items of Note: Shadowmourne Favorite Expression: Sigh
Cleotaurus Get beaked. Memorable Quotes: What did he say his item level was? LOTR Resemblance:



Cheelout “Arcane Slows…Ice Freezes…Fire Burns…The mage deftly wields the elemental planes to vanquish their enemies, and their commanding mastery of spells empowers their allies to defeat the most evil of foes…”  As the wind travels throughout Azeroth, so do stories of the legend of Cheelout…As the fires of the village grow while the day disappears, young children sit wide-eyed as their elders tell tales of the molten fury Cheelout unleashes on his enemies. It is impossible by now to tell where the stories end and the myths begin, but it can all be traced back to when Cheelout was still a young apprentice working in Medivh’s employ. The story is of course known when, in an Incanter’s Absorption mishap, Cheelout blew the entire Library of Khadgar’s collection away, lighting the precious material on fire. Medivh, quickly thinking snapped off an Empowered Blizzard to extinguish the fires threatening the tomes, but instead froze the books midflight! Cheelout, showcasing his natural skill, quickly called upon the Element of Air to slow fall the books safely to the ground, and saved future generation of mages from enduring winters of arcane impotency. In his first true test of combat, Cheelout was sent into the previously thought “abandoned” citadel of Karazhan, to search for his former teacher and discover what new evil existed within. Hopelessly locked in mortal combat with Prince Malchezzar, Cheelout struggled in vain to extract the Mindblade of the Nathrezim, but was never able to to grasp this mythical blade. Historians agree that this single failure changed Cheelout, and after this instance, he became desperate to achieve full control of the elements. Nothing could stop the force that began brewing in the forests of Terrokar, that flew screaming over Hellfire Peninsula, bringing a searing ray of Light and Hope to the desolate prairies of Shadowmoon Valley, and to the very seat of Illidan Stormrage himself. Illidan, seemed unprepared for the onslaught of destruction he felt Cheelout raining down on him, and attempted to rise to the challenge of Fire itself. Summoning Fire Elementals from the Nether, he soon realized that shadow and flame were no match for the fire power being wielded before him. In a last ditch effort, Illidan attempted to harness full control of the Skull of Guldan, failing to realize that Cheelout had mastered its energies already, and turned it against Illidan himself. Sorcery thrwarted and with Illidan being chained to the ground by Maiev Shadowsong and Akama, Cheelout hurled an immense boulder of fire directly at Illidan, serving justice to the millions of people Illidan had slain. Not satisfied with this victory, there was yet one more evil in Azeroth, a deeper threat then even Illidan himself – This involved the titan Sargeras, and his most trusted soldier, Archimonde… Scattered and frightened, the heroes of Azeroth stayed, protected by the energies of A’dal, in Shattrath City, awaiting the one who would lead them against the assault on the World Tree. Arriving with the deafening sound of a cracking whip in the sky, Cheelout rode encircling the city, sounding the call to unite under one banner, and heralding his arrival, the woodland animals scattered before him, resounding his call to all that could hear. Even today, stories cannot fully encapsulate the explosion of excitement that tore through Lower City, and the cowled, shadowed figures that once sat lurking in World’s End Tavern, brandishing their weapons one last time, prepared for the defense of their world. Arriving at Mount Hyjal, Cheelout and his allies were shocked to discover the attack on Nordrassil had already begun. Realizing the need to unite, Cheelout convinced Thrall to temporarily side with the impotent Alliance, simply to gain the upper hand if the opportunity presented itself. With the wisps of the forests cascading around them, our heroes fought bravely up the slopes of Mount Hyjal. Throwing down the Lich Rage Winterchill, Archimonde received the news that justice was coming for him. Summoning his most feared Demon servants, Archimonde empowered them with his strength and threw them at Cheelout and his allies. First Anetheron fell, then Kaz’rogal, and finally the great Azgalor was smote and the brave warriors were nearly in sight of the World Tree. Bolstered by their success, Cheelout lead the charge up the final hill and was the first to see their final challenge. Archimonde stood, a titan of power and demonic influence, draining Nordrassil of its precious lifegiving power. As his allies rallied around him, Cheelout sat in contemplation, for this was the moment he had waited for…the defining moment of his life. Looking to him for leadership, the crowd pressed to him, seeking the knowledge of the sages, and it was at this moment, Cheelout knew he would not live to see his home again. Accepting his fate, he lowered his blade into the Well of Eternity, and washed his hands with Tyrande’s Tears, empowering him with the strength of the Sin’dorei, and the energy of his people. Thunder and lightning struck the earth, and the raid stormed down the hillside, roaring in a unified voice that shook the very roots of Nordrassil. Archimonde rose against these heroes ferocity and match it with a malice of his own. For seven long hours they waged war, and many veterans of the Horde and Alliance fell to the indomitable might of Archimonde. As their numbers dwindled, Cheelout was caught into the air by a wind burst, and a small voice whispered to him, “Curseillio Removendem”. Quickly realizing Archimonde was laying a curse upon various members of the battle, Cheelout shattered the bonds of time and space around him, removing the curses from his allies, and removing Archimondes source of power. Archimonde, realizing his time was limited, rose his head from the destruction and saw Cheelout, encased by the swirling protection of Ice and Fire summoning a swath of Dragon’s Breath to fill the valley with its furor. Archimonde screamed and threw back the melee which surrounded him and ran straight towards Cheelout, the earth shaking and groaning beneath his mighty presence. Cheelout threw his blade into the air, and shot a Fireball at it, releasing the energies of the forest and sent its power washing over Archimonde in a great explosion of ferocity. Archimonde, faltering, raised his hand at Cheelout, and casted Finger of Death, and Cheelout seeing the cast, bowed his head and accepted his fate. As the spell was midair, the entire valley was filled with the Protection of Elune, and the wisps deflected Archimonde’s Finger of Death. Filled with the strength of Elune, Cheelout channeled the Will of Nordrassil, and brought the full onslaught of the earth to bear against Archimonde, upheaving the ground and throwing Archimonde’s now lifeless body against the side of the mountain. Heroes never die as they say, they simply fade away into nothing…With the world defended and the future secured, Cheelout was sent by jealous politicians into obscurity, monitoring the sudden influx of creatures, warped and twisted by the Sunwell, and he was forced by his superiors to contain this threat. For months he held the line against the most cunning of Kil’jaedan’s creatures, and saw no reward. No honor, no glory, no recognition for his trials. With the expedition to Northrend being sponsered by Thrall and Saurfang, Cheelout vowed to bring his persecutors to justice on the snowy fields of Icecrown, and not simply fade away. With the death of his mentors and a new life beginning, Cheelout became obssesed with the new arts of cross-tree manipulation, and quickly mastering it, lead one of the early assaults against Kel’thuzad, the gestating evil inside the hallowed halls of Naxxramas. With the threat quickly disposed of, the city of Dalaran became filled with rumors that the Archmage Cheelout had returned, and was leading a small band of warriors into the heart of evil. As the titan city of Ulduar fell, the city was sent into a frenzy of excitement, and they cried for their hero to represent them in the Argent Tournament. As the Black Knight cut through many Champions of the Horde to earn the title of Grand Crusader, the crowd grew silent…Perhaps their hero would not come, and would allow this traitor of honor and justice win the day. As Tirion Fordring stood in the Crusader’s Colliseum, ready to proclaim the Black Knight the victor of the Argent Tournament a giant shadow fell across the arena. With wings blotting out the sun, a great Frost Wyrm appeared, and the crowd began to run in fright. Unwilling to move, Tirion noticed a small figure riding on the back of the behemoth, and noticing the Turning Tide in his hand, Tirion announced to the crowd, “The true champion arrives!”. The crowd exploded in cheers, as their champion dismounted the frost wyrm and turned to face the Black Knight. With a shout, the Black Knight leapt at Cheelout stunning him. Cheelout, utilizing the arcane fabrics of time, blinked to the Black Knights steed and somersaulted over it, avoiding the Black Knights Death Grip. Charging out from the side of the horse, Cheelout silenced the Black Knight, and polymorphed the Black Knight in the middle of the arena. To great laughter and applause, Cheelout proceeded to turn the Black Night into all manner of creatures; Sheep, Pig, Turtle, Penguin, Cat, the parade of animals didnt seem to end. Harnessing his Dark Simulacrum, the Black Knight stored a polymorph and quickly turned Cheelout into a sheep. Stuck in this form, the Black Knight summoned a ghoul and attacked, using Anti-Magic Shell and forcing Cheelout into an Iceblock. Nearly dead from this brutal attack, the Black Knight taunted Cheelout and summoned an Army of the Dead for the kill. As the Iceblock faded, Cheelout knocked the Black Knight back with a Mana Shield, and using Presence of Mind, summoned a Mana Gem and a host of Mirror Images. Temporarily disoriented, the Black Knight searched for Cheelout in the crowd and in his last moment, saw Cheelout, infused with Arcane Power, hurtling waves of Arcane Energy into him. Attempted to Anti-Magic Zone, the pure force of Cheelout‘s anger burned into the shield, cascading the hemisphere around him, and the Black Knights last sight was the crowd cheering their new champion’s Killing Blow. There was no doubt, that Cheelout would be the one to lead his people into the depths of Icecrown Citadel, but he was a reluctant participant. The Lich King was the end of all things, the quintessential evil in the world, the final victory. To end the Lich King was to end the pursuit of the wicked, and Cheelout was not ready to quit his fight against the Scourge that had killed his land, his home, and his people. Visiting a recluse fishing village in the far off land of Sholazar, Cheelout met an elder named Tara’hoochay, and was told that evil would never end, as long as people existed. The people will always need a hero, and heroes must lead their people. Returning to Dalaran, Cheelout held a meeting with the leaders of the people, and gave them his word that he would not rest, until the Lich King met his demise. The assault on Icecrown Citadel began simply enough, and trespassing into the early halls proved little challenge, as the Lich King felt safe enough at his throne, especially with his favorite pets around him. Each kill has its own mythos surrounding it, but Cheelout slaying the mythical frost wyrm Sindragosa with the blade of Rigormortis is one of the most endearing. Not willing to give up the location of her master, Sindragosa attempted to fly off the platform and kill herself, Cheelout, quickly solidified a stairway of ice out of the air’s water molecules and raced up to catch her before she was out of reach. Spiraling through the sky, Sindragosa shrieked in anger and frustration, and sent tombs of ice down onto Cheelout‘s allies, killing them instantly. Climbing through her bony ribcage, Cheelout unsheathed the Blade of Rigormortis, tainted with the Volatile Infection from Putrecide, and plunged it into her heart. As her lifeless body fell, Cheelout fell with her and was caught by the Cenarion Hippogryphs, whom he had befriended in Zangarmarsh many years earlier. Arriving at the throne of the Lich King, Cheelout had no patience for rhetoric or banter, and brought a fierce army of warriors before Arthas, and demanded he step down and receive justice. Refusing, the Lich King summoned a multitude of scourge forces before him, and Cheelout found himself locked in a battle with armies of ghouls and horrors. Unwilling to lose sight of his prey in the Vile Spirit mayhem, Cheelout instead focused his attacks on the hilt of Frostmourne, the Lich King’s source of power. With a fortunate Scorch strike, the hilt shattered and the Lich King became mortal once again. At this moment, the Light returned to the Citadel, and the Ashbringer destroyed the remainder of the blade. Killing the Lich King, Cheelout collapsed from the shock and was taken to Thrall, and after a period of two months, slowly regained his senses and abilties. With the Lich King defeated, progress could finally be made on the infastructure of the Horde War Machine. Cheelout was appointed headmaster of the schools of magic, training new and experienced mages alike, and always kindly pointing their direction of schooling and leading them along it. Having been abandoned by Thrall and the reckless Garrosh at the helm of the Horde, Cheelout has been forced to once again leave the spotlight of leadership, choosing instead to head deep into the Bastion of Twilight to hunt Cho’gall and deal with the resurrection of Onyxia and Nefarion within Blackwing Descent. It is rumored he is still alive and fighting within the depths of Blackrock Mountain, but having received no couriers these past few months, only time will tell if he re-emerges from the smoke and destruction emanating from the mountain, and perhaps lead the people once again against the evils of Azeroth. Tl:dr – Cheelout started playing during Karazhan(Burning Crusade), participated in the World first Pug kill of Archimonde, and has played at a professional level of Mage in all aspects since Tier 6 content to today. Currently raiding with Dominion XTREME, a group of great friends that are spearheading 10 man content on Blackrock, and redefining the heights a guild can go without a priest to trivialize fight mechanics. Likes: Arcane, Fire, Frost, Extremely difficult content, Pre-purple horseshoe Lucky Charms and helping others. Dislikes: The word ‘Wot”, Stagnant Content, Post-purple horseshoe Lucky Charms, and all things Warlock. Best Known As: World’s Best Mage
Totemthis Totemthis is the Guild Master of Dominion XTREME. He would love to receive your whispers about recruitment. Funny story that… Totemthis started out as an alt intended to be a 40s bracket twink but turns out shaman are pretty fun to play…eventually Totemthis ended up running endless heroics with Cheelout and Clocktop in Burning Crusade before going on to participate in the world first pug Archimonde kill with them. Blah blah blah now we’re doing Cata content…seriously who can write as much as Cheel did? Likes: Hitting things with axes…actually that’s pretty much the only thing…maybe that should be “like” Dislikes (well, the highlights anyway): PvP, dying, bloodlust, dying, people, dying, not being enhance, writing bios for more than 5 minutes at a time, did I mention dying? Ptolmeia Ptolmeia: Kow’s main job is to soak up plate DPS gear and abuse any Hero Class fight mechanics. His secondary jobs include talking about switching to his Priest at the end of every expansion, trying to make excuses for crappy WoL parses, and complaining about stupid crap. Favorite Thought: I should switch to Priest after this expansion Rambowned Rambowned. The Hunter. He stalks his prey, quietly slipping through the reeds and underbrush. He eyes his quarry. Before the hunt is finished he will know everything about it: where it’s from, its motivations, and its greatest fears. Finally, as the sun draws near to the horizon and his target settles in to sleep, Rambowned makes his move. As his victim lays its head to rest, he quickly sneaks up behind it and starts to tell it everything about his fantasy football team. The hapless beast wails in horror, but Rambowned has won this day. Careful not to let his thoughts linger too long in the storied halls of glorious hunters past, Rambowned knows that tomorrow brings another day, and another ridiculous trade to tell someone about. Memorable Quotes: Stuck in a crack, awesome.


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